Responsive CPD for school staff in Calderdale

We are excited about our new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiative that we are aiming at school professionals.

Noah's Ark Centre staff will be recording discussion videos over the coming weeks on topics that are especially relevant to our current coronavirus pandemic situation.
We are planning to focus on themes of: Loss, Change, Uncertainty and Growth.
These themes we find are relevant to children and young people at all times but they will be particularly heightened for everybody this year.
These themes also cover a whole host of issues that children and young people come across from those small niggles to major mental health difficulties.

If you have an issue you would like to see covered in one of these videos, then please email

We will also be inviting our highly experienced professionals from other emotional health and wellbeing (EHWB) providers in Calderdale to join us in our recorded discussions over the coming weeks. We are really excited about embracing video technology to enhance our CPD provision, to reach all you hard working staff at schools and to be able to bring together, share and offer out the expertise of other professionals in Calderdale who support children and young people.


Transition to High School

In this session we focus on the transition journey from primary to secondary education and explore all that this might encompass in these times.


In this session we discuss transitions and consider what they might look like for young people and families in light of the implications of Covid-19 restrictions.


In this video we explore the concept of 'attachment' and the role it plays in our relationships with children and young people.

Art & Culture

In this video we explore the use of Art as a vehicle to bridge Cultural differences and work in a culturally sensitive way to enhance our practice.

The role of play

In this video we explore the important role of play in our therapeutic work with children and young people.

Bereavement and Loss

In this video we have started to explore supporting children and young people with bereavement and loss. This was our 'pilot' video for this discussion series - recorded some weeks ago. We think it is appropriate to post this video now and also intend on hosting future discussions on this topic with other professionals.

Positive Identities

In this video we explore supporting young people with identity issues, particularly LGBTQ+, with our guests from the Open Minds Partnership in Calderdale including professionals from Barnardo's Positive Identities Services.

Panic and how it relates to anxiety

This week we explore the topic of panic and how it relates to anxiety. Furthermore, we discuss what it is and the neurobiology that underpins it. We also look at how to support someone who is having a panic attack and various interventions that might help.

Taking the fear out of anxiety

Locked down in low mood

Continuing our series of CPD videos, this week our discussion is on the theme of "Locked down in low mood". Please do send us an email if there is a subject you feel it would helpful to discuss, relating to the current coronavirus situation and the uncertainties and losses that accompany it

When we think about returning to school

This video is part of Noah's Ark Centre's CPD series for professionals. In this series we will be exploring issues around Loss, Change, Uncertainty and Growth. In this segment we discuss what it might be like when schools go back and explore some of our possible concerns fears and anxieties. We also explore our strengths. resources and the growth that might emerge from some of the challenges we might face. Please send your ideas or thoughts around any future topics that you might want us to explore and discuss to and we will try and cover them in future sessions.