Watch This, Take Part and Have a Go

Noah's Ark Centre staff, who usually deliver Therapeutic Play Interventions to children and young people at the centre and in schools, would like to reach out to the children and young people of Calderdale through a growing bank of video clips that aim to support their emotional development in a playful, accepting, curious and empathic manner.

The videos below are targeted at Early Years and Primary aged children to watch, take part in or have a go. However, as therapists we are acutely aware that young people of all ages find play, creativity and storytelling therapeutic and often yearn and benefit from engaging in these types of activities too. Adults and young people may benefit from returning to activities they enjoyed doing when they were younger or from engaging in activities that they missed out on as a child. Noah's Ark Centre staff will keep adding more therapeutic play activities to this page regularly over the next few months so please check here for additional activities.


Story: "The Horse who wanted to be a Zebra" by Dee Shipman

Natalie tells a story of a horse who wanted to be a zebra. With some advise from the wise owl, and after meeting, learning about and making friends with zebra, horse proudly accepts that a horse is who he is.

Story: "Don't Kick up a Fuss Guss" by Adria Meserve

Andrea tells the story of the young zebra Guss and his walk with his family to a waterhole. Watch alongside Hetty the dog.

Story: "Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth" by Eric Carle

Andrea tells the story of a thoughtful Sloth. Watch again with Eddie the dog!

Story: "Up and Down" by Oliver Jeffers

Andrea reads a story about two friends, a boy, and a penguin who wanted to fly. Listen to this story along with Eddie - Andrea's dog!

Lead you All ~ Doodle

Follow Alosa and Natalie with their doodle and then it's your turn to take the lead

Lead you All ~Rhythm

Follow Alosa and Natalie with their rhythms and then it's your turn to take the lead

Lead you All ~ Dance

Follow Alosa and Natalie with their dance moves and then it's your turn to take the lead.

Teddy and her Friends

Emma tells the story of Teddy and how she is coping not being with her friends. Teddy remembers a picnic when with her friends and is glad to spend time with her family.

Butterflies in your Tummy

Emma tells a story of how sharing our worries with others can be helpful. We realise how others feel their worries in their body too and that to feel worried and afraid at times is a natural feeling to have.

Breathing activities

Michelle talks to us about some breathing activities that we can do that can be calming, fun and help us to feel good.

Art activities

Michelle explores some simple art activities we can do to aid in our well being. You do not need to be 'good' at art to give them a go.

Let's make a stress toy

Heather shows us how to make a stress toy with a balloon and flour and supports us to explore together our feelings and ideas around stress.

Joe is on the Autism Spectrum and doesn't want to go back to school

Emma highlights some of the common feelings and behaviours that Joe shows linked to him being on the autism spectrum, particularly when it comes to school; how he copes with these and what his family, friends and teachers do to support him.

Story: 'Augustus and his Smile' by Catherine Rayner

In this video Andrea tells the story of Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner, she shares her story today with her friend Hetty the Newfoundland dog!!

Katy misses her Grandma

Find out some ways in which Katy and her friends cope with difficult feelings after losing someone they love.

Story: ‘Some Dogs Do’ by Jez Alborough

Don’t let anyone squash your dreams. Reality is based on our dreams and visions.