Noah's Ark Centre - Charging Structure for Counselling

Weekly Household Income after Tax Cost per Session
£0 to £100 £2.00 to £5.00
£101 to £200 £5.00 to £10.00
£201 to £300 £10.00 to £15.00
£301 to £450 £15.00 to £22.50
£451 to £600 £22.50 to £30.00
More than £601 £30.00 to £50.00

Noah’s Ark Centre reserves the right to request evidence of income from clients contracting with us for counselling and psychotherapy. We ask clients to pay whatever they can afford within the cost per session bracket detailed above. The exact fee payable will be confirmed at the Initial Assessment, but there is no fee for the Initial Assessment itself.


Our Rainbows programme costs £150 per term. Many schools have a budget for this kind of work and are able to cover the cost. This can be discussed further when you enquire about a place on the programme for your child.