Our experienced counsellors can offer one-to-one counselling for children from the age of 4. Therapeutic play work is also done in groups of up to six children. Please note that we are closed for new referrals to this service for the time being, due to our funding situation.


Rainbows is a structured programme for children aged 4-10, who are experiencing loss of any kind such as:

  • Death or divorce, family situations.
  • Foster or adoptive home
  • Coping with grave illness of a family member
  • A parent is serving a prison sentence
  • Families where one parent has never been a part of the child’s life
  • Families in which children have experienced abuse or violence

Rainbows is a structured programme to help children talk through their feelings with other children who are experiencing loss in their family. The Rainbows programme helps by providing a safe setting with adult facilitators and materials, journals, storybooks, games and creative activities to help lead them gently through the grieving process.

The children learn to develop trust, express their feelings, be heard and valued and work together as part of a group.

The groups currently run on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 3.15-4.30pm, for 12 weeks during term time. Currently groups are run at Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, Elland Methodist Church and Illingworth Moor Methodist Church.
You can find more about the Rainbows Bereavement Support GB programme here. http://www.rainbowsgb.org/about-us

Some things children have said about Rainbows:

Things Rainbows helped me with:
  • “…they help me not to get as angry”
  • “…not being mean to my mum”
  • “….help me with the bullies that are very, very mean to me”
  • “…to get a bit calmer”