For many years Noah’s Ark have been the leading provider of insolvency advice in Calderdale. Over the last 5 years we have received over 2,300 referrals for our award-winning debt advice service.

  • During that time, we’ve helped over 1,000 individuals and families to become debt free through the use of the Debt Relief Order (DRO) and bankruptcy.
  • In 2019 of the 330 DRO’s arranged in Calderdale, we completed 269 of them.
  • In fact, in 2019, we completed 1% of all the DRO’s completed in the whole of the United Kingdom (that’s impressive!!).
The 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic saw Noah’s Ark stepping up to the plate in supporting the community in this extremely difficult time.
  • Despite the pandemic in 2020-21 we supported over 450 Calderdale families to become debt free.
  • We prepared and distributed over 15,000 frozen ready meals
  • Gave out 12,500 food parcels to over 5,000 families & individuals
  • We created a recipe booklet, with 5,000 copies printed and distributed.
  • Recorded 10 recipe videos that are available on our YouTube channel.
  • In conjunction with Calderdale Adult Learning , we established our financial capability training, Budget Like a Boss!!!! which will see us deliver at least 30 budgeting courses during 2021-23.
  • In conjunction with our partner ACTS435, in 2020-21 we supported 395 individuals and families with small cash donations totalling just under £50,000!!
  • 2021 has seen the launch of the Inspire employments support project.


Our team are here to help you and will ensure that you get the most appropriate support for your situation. Our support and advice can help you answer your questions by providing you with FREE, high quality, unbiased money advice, tailored to your needs. You can be confident that our advice is always based on what’s best for you.

We want you to succeed and be part of our success story. We want you to take back control of your finances, just like one of our team did....

Back in 2019 Kelly came to Noah’s Ark after she finally plucked up the courage: she has totally changed her life around and is now one of our qualified debt and insolvency advisers.

You can see Kelly's full story here.

In 2016 Ed came to Noah's Ark with his neighbour, and turned his life around

You can see Ed's full story here.

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What our clients say ….

“Thank you” (a poem)

‘I will take this opportunity to say thank you to you
Without this gift it would have been difficult to move through
Because of your generosity that you did send
Me & family are able to transcend
Now we are able to open the door
Without fear of a corporation demanding more
Stepping in to a new faze of life
With un-paralleled excitement and strife
I hope my gratitude by you is felt
Every time I think about it my heart will melt’