Ed's Story...

My name is Ed and basically I ended ‘up shit creek without a paddle’ (excuse the terminology), I’d lost my job, and it was looking like I would lose my home. I was allowing the post to pile up behind the door.

I was lucky that I had very caring neighbours that were worried about me. He came round to see me, then after speaking with his wife he came and put all my post in a carrier bag and took me to Noah’s ark.

Early in 2016 you at Noah’s Ark took the carrier bag from me, and looked through all the contents of all the brown envelopes. You put them into some sort of order and advised that the best thing for me was to arrange a Debt Relief Order – in one moment my debt was wiped out and I could start again.

My neighbour came up trumps again and got me a bit of cash in hand for his boss, but it didn’t work out. I then was employed shop fiQng and the work flowed, and I was doing well . . . but then it started to peter out – and they kept me hanging on; which meant I got into arrears with my rent, but knew how to manage getting straight again. Then I was ‘lucky’ when I got assigned a different dole adviser – and she spotted that I had experience driving, so suggested I apply for a job as a trainee bus driver.

I was successful in getting a trainee job with Yorkshire Tiger, it was tough having to be up and ready to work at 5am every morning, I was driving all day around the numerous test routes in Yorkshire – Day 2 I was driving round the centre of Leeds – quite stressful. The company took £10 per week from my pay to cover the cost of the licence (but they told me I’d get it all back once I’d worked for them for 2 years)

I failed my first test reversing my single decker training bus that is about 50 foot long over one of the cones !!!! But the instructor asked me if I would s]ll like to do the drive . . . and I said yes. So went out for the drive – when I finished he said “ I’d trust my kid’s with you – and that’s even though I’m quite fond of them”. I did finally pass my test and now have a CAP C licence.

Now 5 years on I have been working for Yorkshire Tiger just over 2 years – so recently got my licence payment refund. I am now living with my partner, and luckily she is much better at dealing with the bills side of things.

Noah’s Ark were amazing, and allowed me to get a fresh start.

The number one piece of advice I can give you is -

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